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Accent Master
Computer software for accent reduction

The Accent Master program provides both basic and advanced lessons for learning English pronunciation.You will discover 1000ís of spoken words and examples for you to learn from.

Accent Master has SEPARATE, specialized editions designed to reduce the accent YOUR language brings to your English! When you order you specify the accent you want to reduce.

With just a click of a button you will be able to hear the example, record your own voice and compare the two.

Wave form graphs will help you visually identify the differences between your recording and the speaker models. You will see an animated simulation of the production of the sound, showing you the movement of the tongue, lips, and vocal cords.
Wow! This is cutting edge technology for accent reduction!

Basic lessons focus on listening and speaking at the sound (or phoneme) level.

 In the basic lessons you will learn the specific sounds that speakers of different languages need to learn to reduce their accents. The needs of a Russian speaker are different from those of a Spanish, Hindi, or Chinese speaker. You will view video and animated graphics that teach these sounds.  You will then be able to play games and complete exercises which focus on these sounds in isolation (level 1), use the sound in words (level 2), and using the sound in sentences (level 3).  These basic lessons will increase your intelligibility allowing you to be understood the first time you speak!   

The advanced lessons focus on the three skills foreign speakers need in order to sound fluent.  They are word stress, linking, and intonation.  We present video instruction, audio examples, listening games & exercises, and recording exercises in each of these three areas. 

A brief list of our features includes:

  • Record and compare yourself to a model with just the click of a button.

  • Focus on the sounds you need to master your English pronunciation.

  • Play interactive listening and speaking games for every skill.

  • See video of an authentic American speaker producing each sound.

  • Perfect your execution of each sound using our animated side view of the mouth.

  • Use the waveform graphs to see how you compare to the model speakers.

  • Watch detailed video instruction for all advanced sections.

  • Look up any of the 52 American English sounds in our sound library.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of setting your own learning pace.

  • Practice in private.

  • Hear American English speakers pronounce every practice sound, word and sentence.

  • Thousands of recorded model words, and thousands of recorded model sentences.

  • Tips exclusively for the speakers of your language.

So hurry up and order now!

If you put in our code, "goodaccent" where it says "promotional code" when you make your order, you will get a $5.00 discount.

Make sure you select your language when you order Master Accent! But don't forget! If you don't enter the code the system will not take the $5 off the price of your program.

American Accent Training
By Ann Cook

With 5 audio CDs, and a mirror for checking on the position of your lips!

Learn how to speak with a standard American Accent. This is the best-selling book on American accent on this site. It is based on sound linguistic and phonetic principles. It goes into greater depth than most courses.

If you seriously want to eliminate "foreign accent" this is the course for you. It explains and overcomes the unique problems encountered by Indians and speakers of Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and French.

Great for serious self-study, or for use in a class with a teacher.

ALSO An excellent course with special attention to speakers of
Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and French.

If YOUR language is not here, or if you want a GENERAL approach to accent reduction or modification you can
try here for accent reduction resources.

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