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Improve your Accent when speaking English

You want to improve your accent when speaking American English. It is possible even for adults. A proper accent will give you more confidence in your dealings with native speakers. An accent is made up of intonation, linkages, and pronunciation. It is not only a question of pronunciation as many believe. Many people can master the sounds of another language but still have an accent because they do not have the intonation of their new language. Others have trouble with linkages; they do not link the sounds of the syllables and words correctly.

Let's take a quick look at the sounds of English.

There are special problems that go along with the native language of the person learning English. Here are a few examples among many:

It is possible to overcome these difficulties by learning the position of the lips and tongue while pronouncing the new sounds. It is an interesting challenge to learn another language well. Good luck!

One of the following resources will surely help you. Check them out!

[Pronouncing English]
Accent America! Essentials: Quick Steps to Pronouncing English with an American Accent (Audio CD)

By Dorothy M. Taguchi

Book and CD help the non-native speaker of English achieve an American accent.can Accent (Audio CD)

[English Pronunciation Accent Modification]
Accent Modification Manual: Materials and Activities

By Harold T. Edwards

How does American English intonation work? Concentrates on which word is stressed in an utterance, tonal pitch, joining words, blending sounds. Learn how and improve how people understand you.

[English Pronunciation ]
Clear Speech Student's book: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in American English

By Judy B. Gilbert

This is a good course. Not too much, not too little. A highly successful and innovative pronunciation course.

[English Pronunciation ]
Pronunciation Contrasts in English

By Don L. F. Nilsen

Vowel and consonant contrasts, each with phonetic diagrams and descriptions, minimal pairs (both isolated and in sentences), and specific languages for which the contrast may be problematic.

[Pronunciation american Accent]
Lose Your Accent In 28 Days

By Judy Ravin

An audio CD, computer CD-ROM, book with carrying case. Hear the sounds of American English on the CD. See the position of your lips and tongue on the CD-ROM. Learn techniques for correct pronunciation from the book. Currently under $38 used at!

[American English Accent Pronunciation ]
Accent Reduction Made Easy

By Jane Wellborn/Penton Overseas

Audio Cassette course plus an 88 page book. This low-priced course will help you sound like an American.

[Pronunciation Accent]
Pronunciation Games

By Mark Hancock

This book makes learning pronunciation fun. Suggest that your English teacher buy this book and use it when teaching you.
Inspect/Order Pronunciation Games

[English Pronunciation ]
Accurate English: A Complete Course in Pronunciation

By Rebecca M. Dauer

Enables readers to improve their pronunciation of English so they can be understood effortlessly by native speakers.

[English Pronunciation ]
American English Pronunciation: It's No Good Unless You're Understood - 1

By Donna Hope

For reducing accent. It teaches vowel and consonant sounds as Americans speak them. Audio cassette and book.

[English Pronunciation ]
American Accent Training

By Ann Cook

With 5 audio CDs, and a mirror for checking on the position of your lips! Learn how to speak with a standard American Accent. This is the best-selling book on American accent on this site. It it based on sound linguistic and phonetic principles. It goes into greater depth than most courses. If you seriously want to eliminate "foreign accent" this is the course for you.
Explains and overcomes the unique problems encountered by Indians and speakers of Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and French. Great for serious self-study, or for use in a class with a teacher.

[English Pronunciation]
Pronounce It Perfectly in English

By Jean Yates

A cassette and a book which will help you toward better pronunciation.

[American English Pronunciation]
Improve Your American English Accent: Overcoming Major Obstacles to Understanding

By Charlsie Childs

Be understood better with American English. This book helps you to be understood by correcting the biggest obstacles to understanding. Contains 3 CD's for your practice.

[American English Pronunciation ]
The American Accent Guide, Second Edition: A Complete and Comprehensive Course on the Pronunciation and Speaking Style of American English for Individuals of All Language Backgrounds / book and 8 CDs

By Beverly A. Lujan

An effective course that gives you a real American Accent. Reader reviews are a solid 5! How the sound system of American English works. Published in 2004. 8 CDs with male and female voices.

Maybe there is a program that gives special attention to the difficulties that speakers of YOUR language have. Check here to find the specific language programs.

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